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Living The Dream

M’hudi comes from the Setswana word, ‘Mohudi’ which means ‘harvester’. The brand shares a name with the heroine of a beautiful African story. A bold woman that chooses to flee from a war-ravaged and hopeless village in order to go out and search for a new beginning for herself, one in which the past is left behind and forgotten. 


Similarly, M’hudi Wines’ story is of a family that, with courage and great determination, went against all odds to pursue their dream of producing great wine.


We are dedicated to  fulfilling the promise of our great country – all while building a family that extends around the world. 

Malmsey Rangaka CEO of Mhudi Wines

Family First

Leaving their professional careers behind, the Rangaka family settled on purchasing a farm in Stellenbosch in 2003 and found themselves to be the first Black family to acquire a wine farm in South Africa.

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