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Malmsey Mhudi Wines CEO

SINCE 2005

Award Winning
African Wines


The Journey Continues...

Bold. Female. Trailblazer.

M’hudi comes from the Setswana word, ‘Mohudi’ which means ‘harvester’. A great African story tells the tale of a heroine, M’hudi, who fled her war torn home in search of a new beginning.


M’hudi symbolises strength, courage, the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams against seemingly impossible odds – and the celebration of a hard-earned triumph.

Be a part of this amazing journey.


Coaxed from the best bush vines

As the first Black-owned winery in South Africa, Mhudi Boutique Family Wines is proud to offer you a selection of exceptional wines that embody the spirit and soul of our land.

Memory Lane

We have captured precious moments with you and Mhudi Wines over the years. Cheers to unforgettable memories!

Keeping Good Company

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